Connecting what she’s learning in class to real-life work environments allows Poonam to think like a consumer analyst.

Hometown: Ernakulam, Kerala, India 
Degree Program: Master of Science in Consumer Analytics 
Career goal: Work in market/trend analytics and contribute towards a more sustainable fashion industry.  

What was your educational and professional background prior to attending LIM?
I received my bachelor's in Fashion Design and Pattern Making from ESMOD Dubai and my master's in Contemporary Fashion Design from IFA Paris. I have interned at a few different brands from India, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin, all in the field of fashion/product design, and volunteered for the Paris Fashion Weeks and at showrooms.

What made you choose to pursue your master's degree in Consumer Analytics at LIM?
I was very specific in what I wanted to pursue, and LIM College was the only school that offered this particular program, with the subjects that I believed would help me make a smooth transition from an arts background to the more science-oriented field of analytics. 

Speaking with one of the professors who was in charge of this program helped me make my decision a lot faster and be more confident in my choice.  

What has your experience been like so far?
I find the faculty and staff to be both professional and approachable. In terms of my classes, there is definitely a learning curve and the one-on-one tutoring provided by the college has been a tremendous help! 

How is what you're learning at LIM preparing you for the next step in your career?
At every step of the way, our professors help us connect how what we learn in class is used in a work environment. They also teach us using materials from real-world cases, and our assignments push us to think like a consumer analyst, not like a student.      

What do you enjoy most about being in NYC?
New York is “the world in a city.” I love that NYC has a little bit of home for everyone. Everywhere I look I see people from different countries speaking different languages, it’s a true melting pot!  

Do you have any advice for other students who may be thinking of coming to NYC and/or LIM College for a master’s degree?
Choosing NYC should be a no-brainer, as it is very inclusive city with cultures from all over the world and, best of all, a fashion capital!  

At LIM, there are various resources to help with classes and assignments, and all the staff members that I have reached out to have gone above and beyond to help me with my needs. LIM College really helps you in becoming a professional who is ready for the industry—not just a student who graduated with a master's degree.