International Graduate Student Q&A: A New Country, And a New Career Move

  • Rafaela Prado
  • MPS '21
Rafaela Prado

Rafaela’s journey to the U.S. and to LIM involved not only a wealth of professional opportunity, but an unexpected career path switch, from fashion to licensing.

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Degree Program: MPS in The Business of Fashion

How did you learn about LIM? And what was your educational background before enrolling here?
I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Senai Cetiqt in Rio. Then I started researching fashion schools online for the next step in my education. I chose LIM because of this school’s “Business meets Fashion” approach. That’s what made it stand out for me!

What has your experience here been like? 
My experience here has been filled with great people. I’ve made close friends and met others who share my values and interests. The faculty I work with have made my experience life-changing. Also, being in New York has meant having a lot of doors open. I can say with certainty, especially being international, that I would not have the opportunities I'm currently having without my master's program.

Please tell us about the professional opportunity you've found as an LIM student. 
I took Professor Bill Gaden’s licensing class because I was curious about a subject I knew almost nothing about. This class was so incredible, I made a career change in three months. I came to the US thinking I would work for a fashion company. I was surprised, to say the least, about how much creativity is involved in licensing and what a prosperous career path one can get out of it. I'm now working as a Sync Intern at Concord! And I still can't believe that turn of events.

Can you tell us about that role?
The sync department is responsible for finding the right songs to put in commercials, movies, series, video games, etc. I keep our catalogue's metadata updated, and I'm fortunate to participate in creative meetings and help with research.

What would you say to an international student considering an LIM graduate program?
I’d say call me so I can help! All kidding aside, I would say do it. We are in the heart of New York City, being taught by caring people that genuinely want us to succeed.