Hometown: Cochin, India

Career Goal: Creative Director / Event Planner

What brought you to the U.S., and New York in particular, for your college education?

The biggest reason I wanted to study in New York is the level of opportunity here. If you want to be in fashion, New York is the place to be.

What appealed to you about LIM College?

Of course, the College being in New York is a huge plus. Also, the small class sizes allow you to build connections with your professors, giving them a chance to understand your thought process and help you. And the required internships give you outside-the-classroom experience, which prepares you for when you graduate.

What’s it like being an international student in New York City?

Being an international student can be challenging, especially in the beginning. One thing I learned from the transition of moving from India to adjusting to dorm life in New York City is that even when you think you’re alone, there will always be someone to help you get through any difficulty. In New York City, there are so many different people from different places. I feel at home here because I meet a lot of people from my background, but I also meet people who are completely new to me.

What kind of support does LIM provide for international students making this adjustment?

Students and faculty are interested to learn about where we’re from and our culture, which allows us to talk about it proudly. International Student Services are also very helpful, making sure we’re in a good state of mind. LIM offers numerous courses at a selection of times, making it possible for me to pick classes that are most convenient for me. The first semester was the right pace for me to get comfortable with how everything worked at the College and how to get around the city.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I was in the Fashion Show Production club as a freshman, as part of the team brainstorming the show’s theme, logo, and each scene within it. I’m also Co-Leader of LIM’s Global Students Club, which is about promoting different cultures we have at the College and building an inclusive environment for both domestic and international students. It’s a great way to make new connections and actually led to my being on the Student Leadership Panel at our Career Fair.

You secured a great retail internship at Carol Hannah bridal boutique. What advice do you have for other international students looking for internships here?

Being an international student looking for an internship isn’t simple. Along with the stress of applying and interviewing, we have to get our official paperwork completed in order to start working. My advice is to start looking at least a month before the semester starts. And keep your resume updated—when you add a line, get it checked by LIM’s Career Coaches.

Is there any special message that you’d like to share with other students?

LIM’s students and faculty inspire you to be the best version of yourself, professionally and otherwise. While you’re here, take advantage of every opportunity the city and the College offer to you!