Name: Neil He
Hometown: Nanning, China

As a young person, one of Neil's top goals was to study fashion in New York. Having graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from LIM in 2020, Neil is now enrolled in the College's Business of Fashion master’s degree program. He’s worked for two French beauty companies and is striving toward a management position in high-end luxury.

How did you learn about LIM College?
When I was young, I’d always dreamt of being in New York City. When I first came to the United States, I studied at a high school in Washington D.C. Then, I transferred to a high school in Smithtown on Long Island, just to get me closer to New York. Knowing I wanted to go to college in the city, I searched for schools and picked LIM.
What made you choose to continue your education by entering a master’s degree program?
The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program in the Business of Fashion attracted me a lot, offering so much flexibility to choose the courses I want to take. As an undergraduate, I focused on fashion merchandising, marketing, and retailing. But, I found I also have interests in visual merchandising and management, which I can take courses in through this master’s degree program.

What has your experience at LIM been like?
The school’s faculty are friendly and helpful. Small classes allow students to participate in each class, and the professors remember every student. 

The Office of Career and Internship Services is a very special LIM department, helping students with everything career-related. As an LIM student, I have worked for two French beauty companies, L'Occitane en Provence and Diptyque Paris, where I focused on sales and store operations.

What’s it like being an international student?
LIM’s Office of International Student Services is very helpful and quick to respond, answering not only my visa-related questions, but also helping me find information like how I could apply for a driver's license.

How would you advise other international students considering LIM?
If one has a passion for fashion and is looking to gain experiential knowledge, instead of just reading textbooks all day, I highly recommend LIM!