Originally from Florida, Michael found that “family feeling” at LIM, learning from the many peers and mentors he met during his college career. Now a PR Specialist for Alexander McQueen, Michael uses all the knowledge acquired from his internships, career fairs, and more to assist him in overseeing markets across two continents.

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Marathon, Florida

How did you first learn about LIM? And what led you to enroll?
I actually first heard about LIM through social media. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do in fashion, but I knew that’s the industry I wanted to be in. Once I learned more about the school, I immediately wanted to join; making internships a requirement for graduation was the perfect push!

What did you like best about your major?
I like how universal my Marketing major was. Thinking back on it, especially after the pandemic, it was such a great move in terms of how uncertain the future was for us all. I like that I can use my degree across a variety of industries as well as several avenues within fashion.

What was your experience as an LIM student like?
I had the best experience at LIM! There are so many activities to get involved in at the College, but I really leaned into the idea of fulfilling my dreams early in my college career. Besides making the absolute best friends, I really took it upon myself to utilize LIM's resources and career services connections to step into rooms I would have never imagined myself being in.

Can you tell us about internships you completed and what those experiences were like?
Each internship experience I had at LIM was pivotal in my professional and personal life. I met some of my current best friends, as well as many mentors. The most influential internship I had was at Saint Laurent, where I worked as a PR intern; this was where I really saw myself doing Public Relations full time. After interning at magazines like Harper's Bazaar and V Magazine, I really liked how I could use both my creative and analytical sides to then work with media partners in press on image-based events and editorial placements.

Please tell us about your current role at Alexander McQueen. In what ways did LIM prepare you for or help you obtain this job?
I’m a Public Relations Specialist for the Americas at McQueen, where I oversee several markets in North and South America. Since the internships were required to graduate, LIM truly pushed me to get myself out there and to be in the right rooms at the right time. It wasn’t always easy, but knowing that I had so many peers to lean on and ask how they got where they were was comforting and educational.

Anything else you'd like to add?
LIM created that family feeling, even with my having moved all the way to New York. I'd do it all over again!