Originally from India, Japneet earned her MPS in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management from LIM in 2017. Aided by the communication and strategic skills she picked up from her master's program, today she works in digital strategy and business development at Ralph Lauren.

Tell us a little about your educational background.

Before moving to the US, I completed my MBA in India. I came here to LIM to pursue my second master’s degree, and I’ve since receive my third master's from Harrisburg University in Project Management.

How was your experience as an LIM College student?

Studying at LIM was an enriching and transformative experience that I will always treasure. In the heart of New York City, I was offered unmatched exposure to the fashion industry. A key highlight of my experience was learning from industry experts who also served as mentors along my journey. While earning my master's at LIM, I completed internships with Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, and Itochu. I have also worked for companies like Office Depot and Ralph Lauren.

What was it like attending LIM as an international student? 

As an international student, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a diverse community. Interacting with students from various countries not only enriched my cultural understanding, but also broadened my perspective on the global fashion landscape. LIM offered valuable support services for international students, which made the transition to studying in a foreign country more manageable. From visa assistance to cultural orientation programs, these services helped create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

How did LIM prepare you for your current job role?

My job title is Manager, Digital Strategy & Business Development with Ralph Lauren. LIM played a significant role in preparing me for this job by providing me with valuable knowledge and insight into how the corporate world operates. LIM helped me gain a deep understanding of various fields in the industry, and I use the things I learned there, such as effective communication and strategic thinking, daily.

How have you stayed involved with LIM since graduating?

I have had the privilege of participating in many different events on and off campus. I was a panelist for an online seminar, and I also had the chance to be the keynote speaker at Graduate Student Orientation. I am profoundly grateful for these incredible opportunities and for staying closely connected to the college!