Online Student Q&A: The Path to Becoming a Luxury Fashion Brand Executive

  • Makayla Cochran
  • Class of 2020
Makayla Cochran

Originally from Atlanta, Makayla moved to New York for an editorial internship. She’s now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising online with LIM College.

Hometown: Dacula, GA
Career Goal: Luxury Fashion Brand Executive

What is your experience as an LIM student like?
Through my Fashion Merchandising program, I have taken all kinds of classes like Marketing, Business Law and Finance, Product Development, Cultural Connections to Fashion, and CAD  (Computer Aided Design). What I love about my curriculum is that I learn both business and fashion! I moved to New York City for an internship, so I was able to attend LIM events like the Entrepreneurship Panel where entrepreneurs gave great career advice.

Why did you choose LIM College for your bachelor's degree?
I wasn’t too fond of the stereotypical college experience, so I started searching for colleges that focused on fashion. Design was interesting, but I really wanted to focus more on the business side of the industry which is why LIM caught my eye. I actually participated in Summer Fashion Lab, and I knew LIM was the college for me. In my senior year of high school, I was part of the dual enrollment program, so I was able to take college classes for both high school and college credit. This allowed me to jumpstart my college career.

What do you like best about LIM's online program?
If you work a full-time job and can’t physically go to class, this program is a lifesaver. I have more freedom with my internship and other activities, while I’m still working toward my degree. There are also so many resources we have access to that help with our studies, like the WGSN database for looking up future trends and designer collections.

What kind of access do you have to your instructors as an online student?
I have great and easy access to my professors and fellow students. My professors are prompt with their responses to questions. I also love the fact that my professors have been in the fashion industry and they have brought that experience to the classroom. For that reason, I feel that I connect with them and they are able to help me in my career.

Have you noticed a difference in the online classroom setting since COVID-19?
The COVID-19 situation has affected everyone in different ways, but it did not tremendously affect my learning experience—I was already online. LIM’s faculty and staff have kept the experience so smooth and my instructors are more than helpful with assignments.

Can you tell us more about your internship?
I interned with Faviana in New York City as an Editorial Intern in their marketing department. I ran their blog, Glam & Gowns, in which we wrote about the products we sell as well as trendy and relevant content. On top of that, I also assisted with social media and helped the marketing department. I’ve been fortunate to continue working with them remotely for the past month.

What are your career goals?
My dream has been to be an executive for a luxury fashion brand. High fashion is my forte and I feel like being on the business side of that kind of brand would be rewarding. I'm inspired by high fashion and want to create my own luxury line.

How is LIM helping you work toward that goal?
Focusing on the business of fashion is the best of both worlds. Because of LIM, I was able to put CAD and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software on my resume; those are skills employers look for. The courses throughout my time with LIM have helped me gain the knowledge that I need for my career.