Online Student Q&A: Preparing to Become a Buyer

  • Kelsey McNeill
  • Class of 2020
Kelsey Mcneill

Kelsey is originally from Savannah, GA and now lives in Jersey City, NJ. She’s pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Fashion Merchandising from LIM College as an online student.

Kelsey has worked in retail since her junior year of high school—including at Fab’rik, Sarah Liz Boutique, Buckle, and Copper Penny. 

Why did you choose LIM?
LIM was the school for me because the business side of the fashion industry is where I am most passionate. LIM’s online program allows students to work and build knowledge in the retail industry while simultaneously completing coursework taught by highly experienced professors.

What are your career goals?
I plan to graduate in the summer of 2020 and hope to then begin working in the buying department of a large retail company. Wherever my career takes me, I know I will be well-prepared because of this program. 

What makes this program different from online fashion business programs at other schools?
All the professors have all worked in the fashion industry, so they have real-life experiences to add to the course readings. LIM also makes sure the coursework is up to date with the quickly-changing fashion industry. There are also many opportunities to network and meet industry professionals. Building connections is vital in this industry, and from the very beginning, LIM provides opportunities to grow your network. Wherever you live, it’s possible for you to connect with top companies in the retail industry through LIM’s virtual career fairs.

What has your online learning experience been like?
Every week is a bit different depending on each class, but each week, I complete discussion posts and comment on others’ posts. This is a great way to get the class talking, much like you would during an in-class discussion. I also read the assigned readings in our textbooks, watch the recorded lecture, and read any articles the professor has posted. I think it’s really cool how often my professors will attach articles about current events happening in retail, and how these events relate to what we’re learning in our courses.

How much access do you have to your professors and your classmates?
The professors do an amazing job of answering any questions I have. They all reply to emails promptly, which makes the online interaction very smooth. If I am ever unable to understand an assignment, the professors are always willing to jump on a Zoom call or conference call to clarify and ensure that I understand the topic. I’ve been able to connect with fellow online students from around the United States through discussion boards. Since moving to the greater New York area, I’ve also been able to meet some familiar names at LIM College’s many career events.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about applying to an online program at LIM College? 
I would tell anyone who is considering LIM’s online program that if you want a degree which will not only prepare you to work in the fashion industry, but will also help you grow your network and open doors to great opportunities, then this is the place for you.

Being an online student allows you to dictate your own time, which is great for busy young professionals. Online learning also teaches you a lot about time management and taking responsibility for your coursework, which is another great skill to mention in future interviews.

Have you taken advantage of any career coaching or other resources offered by LIM?
Not only are the courses interesting and challenging, but everyone is helpful. My Career Coach is always giving great suggestions for making my resume stronger and my Academic Advisor is always on top of all of my questions. Even though I am an online student, they make me feel like I am a part of the LIM community.