Making the adjustment from a small town in northern Connecticut to living in New York City, Tiffany completed her bachelor’s degree at LIM. Now, she’s earning her master's degree in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management.

Please tell us about your experience as an LIM undergrad.
I earned my BBA in Marketing from LIM. While an undergraduate, I completed an internship in music PR, and for my Senior Co-op, I was a music marketing intern at Relix Media Group.

My undergraduate experience involved some culture-shock at first, but in the end I’m so happy I stayed, made lifelong connections, and learned so much about myself. I participated in numerous student-focused programs and was an editor for The Lexington Line magazine.

Why did you choose to enroll in LIM’s master’s program in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management?
To be honest, I never thought I would pursue an advanced degree like this. But, I started working in LIM’s Graduate Studies office, and there I learned about our programs, saw what classes were being offered, and I realized I wanted in. I connected with the Supply Chain program instantly and saw the relationship it had with marketing and just knew I was going to love the curriculum.

What skills are you learning in this program that you hope to apply to your career?
I’m learning a lot about big data and different technology used throughout the supply chain in general. Knowing how these programs work and what their purpose is gives me an upper hand, as the world is becoming more and more digital. I’ve really enjoyed all my required courses and the flexibility of being able to take additional classes outside my major.

What are LIM’s graduate-level faculty like? 
The graduate faculty are diverse, and you can tell they’ve been teaching and working in the industry for some time. They’re insightful and have great connections to people in numerous fields, and these people come join our class discussions. They know how career-focused we are, and they assist us in our journeys.

What are your career goals?
Well, I don’t like to box myself in! But what I’ve realized, especially during the pandemic, is that you develop new passions all the time. My goal is a career that’s fulfilling, fun, compensates fairly, and is one where I can make a difference. In terms of my professional area of focus, supply chain is where I want to be.