Starting a Career in Supply Chain and Global Operations

  • Camilla Olesen
  • MPS '21
Camilla Olesen

After earning her bachelor's degree from Marist College, Camilla enrolled in LIM's master's program in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management to verse herself in one of fashion's fastest-growing fields. She's now an Assistant Sourcing Manager in global operations at FullBeauty Brands.

What made you choose LIM College to continue your education? 
I chose LIM specifically because they offered a graduate program in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management. Supply chain is a growing industry, especially because of the severe product delays that the pandemic caused. My family has a business in logistics and freight, so I wanted a degree that combined that aspect with my love for fashion. 
What experiences and opportunities did you have as a LIM student? 
I had the opportunity to work as a freelance Operations and Logistics Assistant at 3.1 Phillip Lim, where I could take what I had learned in class and put it to use. Despite COVID-19 limiting opportunities, my professors did a fantastic job by bringing in virtual guest speakers to talk about many areas.
How did LIM help you take the next step in your career?
LIM’s Career and Internship Services office hosted a great fair to introduce me to a lot of brands. They also offered one-on-one counseling to review my resume, conduct mock interviews and provide tips/tricks on how to best use LinkedIn and Handshake. One of my professors, Beth Hochberg, was wonderful in helping me decide which direction to go in my career; she offered her insight in the industry and guidance throughout my time at LIM. 
Tell us a little about what you do in your current role.
I work at FullBeauty Brands as an Assistant Sourcing Manager in global operations, while also supporting the logistics team. I currently monitor all inbound and outbound containers across brands as well as sourcing intimates and pajamas.

How did your master's degree program prepare you for the work you do now?
LIM really prepared me for all aspects of supply chain work, in addition to giving me an opportunity to take high-level electives and learn about different focuses -- I took product development courses and an advanced Excel course to best prepare for the industry. I found that if you work hard, you will be able to put those class lectures and real-world experience together, which helps you immensely in the professional world.
Anything else you’d like to add?
The fashion industry generally is very fast paced, and decisions are made quickly. You have to be forward-thinking and prepared. I love working in the field I'm in because I get to meet amazing people and work together to achieve the best outcomes.