Student Entrepreneur Q&A: Launching an Affordable Luxury Jewelry Line

  • Izzy Rios
  • Class of 2021

Fashion Merchandising major Izzy Rios, '21 launched her own affordable luxury jewelry line.

Q. Tell us about your new business.

A. The brand is called Gemini Jewelers (Instagram: @gemini_jewelers_co). I founded it with a partner, Daniel DeMicco, who goes to Rutgers-Newark. We officially launched this November. Our portfolio ranges from more subtle everyday chains to the bigger flexes. Being that our brand is Gemini, just about every piece has a “twin” – a corresponding bracelet or chain, or vice-versa. All of our pieces are branded with the company insignia and come with custom jewelry boxes. There’s also an emphasis on quality, as I myself am sensitive to what jewelry I can wear.

Q. Who is your target customer?
A. Technically, our target market is the 18-35 age group, but really our customer can be someone of any age who’s interested in affordable luxury jewelry.


Q. How is sustainability a part of your business?
A. We use moissanite gemstones in our pieces. Those are lab-created – not “blood diamonds.” We will be adding quite a few more moissanite pieces in the near future.

Q. How does your experience at LIM connect with your new business?

A. I actually won a scholarship last semester for creating a sustainable business plan for Charles & Colvard, a jewelry company that specializes in moissanite. I was part of a team of students in the Sustainability and the Future of Fashion course. As part of the competition, we got to present our ideas to a representative from the Accessories Council and someone from Charles & Colvard.