Diamanté graduated from LIM in 2017 with a BBA in Fashion Merchandising, and today she is a Wholesale Merchandiser at Tommy Hilfiger. Inspired by her mother, Diamanté strove to become a mentor herself, and to give back to the college that helped get her to where she is today.

What do you teach at LIM?

I currently teach Introduction to Marketing and Street Style, and I will soon be teaching Fashion Merchandising & Product Development.

Please tell us about your current role at Tommy Hilfiger as well.

I’m a Wholesale Merchandiser for Men's Apparel and All Accessories, handling and representing various accounts within full-price and off-price markets.

How did your experience as an LIM student help prepare you for your career?

LIM provided the foundation I needed to enter a competitive industry. Courses such as Introduction to Marketing, Buying / Merchandising, Business Spreadsheets, and Internship Prep previewed examples and real-life scenarios of what to expect and how to make business-related decisions. LIM allowed me to experience the industry firsthand, with numerous internships before graduating.

What was it like going from being an LIM student to being faculty?

It’s surreal. Mom is in higher education, which has always inspired me to be a mentor and give back. Now that I’m in the role of giving back to students at the same institution I attended, it’s very rewarding. The feedback from my students about how they appreciate how I teach—and how I bring those real industry moments and lessons that I've learned into the classroom—has brought extra light into my life.

How do you bring that professional experience into your classroom?

In my area of work, while keeping our brand integrity, we tend to observe what is happening across many outlets within media, to see what’s working and respond through products, communication, or both. So in class, I speak about current events—from inside and outside the fashion industry—to discuss how to make business decisions and ask questions like, What are the pros and cons of this decision? Does this pertain to our brand? Should we respond? What are the risks?

What is your career advice to students?

My advice for LIM students in particular would be to utilize the resources that the school offers. We have a plethora of resources and amazing teams in the career services, academic, tutoring, student life, and counseling areas—not to mention a great library—that will really help you. All you have to do is make an appointment and ask!

Do not be afraid to evolve, change, and try new things! Whether that be different internships outside your major, or even rethinking your major, this is the time to try things and say “yes” to what you want.