Student Q&A: An Aspiring Event Planner, Making Great Connections

  • Dayna Nichols
  • Class of 2020
girl standing by water

Hometown: West Milford, NJ
Career Goal: Event Planner

What degree are you pursuing at LIM?
I’m three years into my Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing, with a minor in Event Planning. My favorite part about this major is how you can apply it to anything in life. Marketing skills are important in so many aspects—you run into it everywhere, even without looking.

What was it like adjusting to life in New York City and at LIM?
Adjusting was quick and easy. My first year, I stayed at the residence hall and was active in the freshman chat, so I was able to meet a lot of good people early on. Although I had some experience in NYC prior to officially moving here, school events and random 6 train adventures taught me how to fully adjust to the city.

Please tell us about some experiences and opportunities you’ve had at LIM.
Being an event planner at heart, I’ve always hopped on chances to join LIM events. My first year, the school gave me the opportunity to attend the First Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference, where I got to hear from speakers like Anna Wintour, Rihanna, and Stella McCartney. Since then, I’ve had class trips to places like the Cartier Mansion, and I just spent my spring semester abroad in The Netherlands.

How is LIM aiding your professional development?
Along with the classes that are guiding me toward my career choice, LIM has allowed me to be in the room with some very powerful people, through having guest speakers, industry visits, and more. The school gives me many chances to network and grow.

What advice would you share with other students coming to LIM?
Don’t be afraid to go to events, even by yourself, and talk to new people.