Student Q&A: Meet the Co-Leader of the LGBTQ+ Alliance

  • Anna Grace Nimmo
  • Class of 2021
Anna Grace Nimmo

Hometown: Irvington, NY
Career Goal: Bridal PR Executive

Where are you from?
I was born in Cambodia and grew up in Western Massachusetts. Now  I live in Irvington, New York.

What kind of degree are you pursuing?
A Bachelor of Science in International Business. I plan on double minoring in Marketing and in Society and Culture.

What made you choose LIM?
I researched the school, and the combination of business and fashion interested me. I also really liked the emphasis on internships. I then toured LIM and fell in love. I took Fashion Lab classes in 2017 while I was still in high school. Even though I applied to other colleges, I knew I would end up at LIM.

What was it like adjusting to life in New York City and at LIM?
I commute from Westchester, which has its challenges because those trains don’t run as often as the subway—it takes a little less than an hour to get to the city. My first semester, I did everything to get involved with the school and meet new people. I found my group of friends by joining clubs, going to events, and being an active member of the LIM community.

Can you tell us about your involvement on and campus?
I am the co-leader of the LGBTQ+ Alliance on campus. I have also had the opportunity to mentor students through the First Year Experience course and I am a certified tutor in the Math Center.

How have you been involved in the fashion world?
I have worked on several fashion shows. While volunteering at a Men’s Fashion Week event, I was offered an internship at a PR firm. I also got to intern for Bridal Fashion Week, which was when I realized I want to work in bridal. I have had amazing experiences since starting at LIM.

What are your favorite classes?
I love Economics and Accounting because I love math and numbers. It's interesting to learn the inner workings of our economy, how many units you need to sell to break even, etc.

What advice would you give other students coming to LIM?
For me, meeting people can be hard, so I suggest joining a club you’re interested in. If you’re in the residence hall, go to one of their events and meet other people who live there. For commuters, don’t be afraid you won’t meet new people because you don’t live at the residence hall. I have commuted every semester and always found ways to make friends and be active on campus!