Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Favorite Class: Business Law
Career Goal: “Doing public relations or marketing for a design house would be a dream come true." 

Katherine will start a public relations internship at Hermes in Spring 2021.

Why did you choose LIM?
LIM encourages students to gain industry knowledge both inside and out of the classroom. It is unique from other institutions because of the requirement for internship and co-op experiences. The job market is competitive, and it intrigued me that LIM supports its students by providing opportunities to gain fundamental skills through experiences in our desired career field.  

What are some of the experiences and opportunities you’ve had since coming here?
I had the unique opportunity to work in the fashion department at the New York Post and the Alexa magazine. This experience was life-changing. I prepared luxury ready-to-wear pieces from brands like Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and Christian Dior and helped to arrange looks for editorial shoots with talent including Liv Tyler, MJ Rodriguez, and Machine Gun Kelly. I worked alongside a tight-knit team for a year. However, due to COVID-19, my hands-on experience came to an abrupt end. Despite the pandemic, LIM has been able to present students with new opportunities. Most recently, I secured a PR internship with Hermès for Spring 2021.

How did you find that internship?
I dedicated many hours this semester to refining my Handshake (LIM’s job search platform) profile, attending Zoom events, and searching through potential positions. While I was initially overwhelmed, getting into this routine allowed me to come across a PR internship with Hermès. Using Handshake, I was able to directly get in touch with someone at Hermès. Now, I very much look forward to being a part of the Hermès team in the spring. 

What has it been like to switch to virtual learning for the time being?
Switching to remote classes has come with many challenges, including dealing with a non-dependable WiFi and loud siblings. Yet, this unique experience has made me more grateful for my LIM teachers, as they are able to run their own households and still show up to Zoom class with a smile. Virtual classes have been a learning curve, but it has allowed us to have a stronger connection with each other, as we are all in this together.   

What advice would you share with new students coming to LIM?
Devote time in your schedule for yourself. We each face challenges that are unique to our own situations. Setting this time aside will allow you to become just as resilient as New York itself. Let New York and LIM be there to empower and support you. Coming into LIM can be overwhelming, so new students should seek guidance to learn how best to take advantage of the school’s resources and opportunities.