Hometown: Pearl River, NY
Career Goal: Business Owner

What are you majoring in?
Visual Studies. When I entered LIM, I was trying to decide between Management and International Business. Then I heard about the visual program and fell in love, as I like being able to express myself creatively. Last semester, I decided to double minor in Event Planning and International Business.

What made you choose LIM?
The crazy thing was I only applied to LIM, and I had no backup plan. I looked at a handful of colleges, but none really caught my attention. When I visited LIM, it was the perfect learning environment. I cannot imagine sitting in a huge lecture hall. Another selling point was the Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety, and I knew I’d need a good support system in the city. LIM offering this support has been a major tool that’s helped me succeed.

What was it like adjusting to life in New York City?
I admit the first week was scary because I didn’t know anyone, but I had the feeling very early on that NYC was the place I was supposed to be. My roommate had not moved in yet and I was lonely, so I made a daring move and introduced myself to all my neighbors in the residence hall. I ended up with two really close friends.

What has it been like to work and study remotely during COVID-19? 
At first, learning remotely was difficult, since I take Visual Studies courses that are very hands-on. But, I learned to adapt and set a goal to maintain all my grades during social distancing. So far, I’m proud to say I’ve achieved that!

What internships have you done so far? 
I’m currently on my fourth internship. I have interned as a styling and wardrobe coordinator for PLITZS Fashion Marketing, a Showroom Intern for J Rosen Showroom, a Fashion PR Intern for PR Consulting, and now I’m a Marketing Intern for LIM. It is crazy to think about how I came into LIM without any work experience. Now, I have worked fashion shows, trade shows, sample sales, and many other events.

Please tell us about your involvement in the campus community. 
I’m the type of person who loves being busy and just keeps going. I’ve been active on campus since freshman year. I am the co-leader of the Philanthropy Club, president of the Residence Hall Council, and the leader of the Mental Health Awareness Club. I also work as a special events ambassador, and this past summer I was an Orientation Leader.

Overall, what do you like most about the LIM experience?
The small community. I like being able to get to know other students, faculty, and staff on a personal level. I also like the mindset of most LIM students. We are a group of driven individuals who want to make a difference.

What advice would you give to new students coming into LIM?
Stop and smell the roses. We’re all so excited to get to our careers that we can forget we’re in an amazing time of our lives. I think if you don’t appreciate where you are, then in the future you will keep looking back at what you could have done.