Transfer Alumni Q&A: From Community College to Christian Dior

  • Felica Zikria
  • Class of 2018
Felica Zikria

Felica is originally from South Brunswick, New Jersey. She transferred to LIM after attending Middlesex County Community College and completed her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising in 2018. Felica now works in the digital e-business department for LVMH Group, Christian Dior Parfums.

Why did you decide to transfer to LIM?
To further my education and pursue my passion for the business of fashion.

What was your transfer process like?
It was very quick and easy. LIM College provided a lot of helpful resources, including being able to talk to alumni who had also been transfer students. They really encouraged me to follow through with what I wanted to do.

How did your LIM education help prepare you for what you’re doing now?
I had several internships, including in the areas of sales, merchandising, planning, and publishing. These experiences helped me gain transferable skills and become comfortable with what I am doing now. I also met many great people along the way that I remain in contact with today.

How would you describe your professors?
I received a lot of great advice from my LIM professors. They helped me learn about myself and what I wanted to pursue, and had a huge impact on the decisions I made about my career path. They encouraged me to take on new challenges and consider roles I had never thought about.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Given that I was a transfer student, I challenged myself to take on as many internships and learn as much as I could within the time I had. I was afraid that I would not be able to graduate “on time” with the rest of my classmates. But, after juggling several classes and internships, I was able to finish my bachelor’s degree in 2 years and land my dream job.