Transfer Alumni Q&A: Finding Confidence in Corporate Life

  • Christian Nazario
  • Class of 2017
Christian Nazario

Christian, who is originally from Princeton, NJ, transferred into LIM after attending Mercer County Community College. He’s now a Retail Development Assistant for Earthbound Brands, an agency that provides design, product development, and brand management services for clients such as Walmart, Ford, Honda, and The Pioneer Woman.

How was your transfer process?
For the most part, it was easy. All of my credits transferred, except for one class, and the Admissions Counselor I had was able to help me plan each semester for the next two years. I did have to take summer classes in order to graduate in two years, but it was a small sacrifice.

What was it like to go to school in New York City?
I was in love with NYC before I chose to come to school here. But I quickly realized that visiting the city and living and working there are completely different. In NYC, nothing is cheap, and nothing comes easy. As a student, you really get to see the ins and outs—including the ugly parts that are usually hidden from tourists. At the same time, you get presented with so many opportunities and experiences you can't get anywhere else. You’re in the middle of where everything happens—and you realize why you wanted to come here in the first place.

What were LIM’s professors like?
They were challenging, but they were also invested in my success. I am still in contact with some of my professors and they’ve transitioned from being teachers to being mentors. If you show that you are dedicated and willing to put in the work, your LIM professors will be there to support you and push you to the next opportunity.

Professor Shapiro, who taught my Fashion Merchandising Senior Capstone course, became a mentor to me. During my last semester, we had a lot of time to talk about my aspirations and goals, and she guided me on how I can reach them. She also reviewed my resume and wrote a letter of recommendation for the company I’m at now. We are still in touch—she’s been influential in both my academic and professional career.

What was your favorite internship?
One of my internships was in product development at Adam Lippes, where I was able to work through the development of an entire luxury clothing collection from start to finish. Since it was a small company, I actually got to work alongside Adam himself, which was an amazing experience.

How did your LIM education help prepare you for what you’re doing now?
LIM felt like a two-year training session. I honestly felt so confident, not only in my knowledge of the industry, but also in my skills of working in a corporate environment. Being able to confidently speak to the skills you possess so early on in your career is priceless.