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Pursue a career in international business, with a focus on fashion.

In today's global economy, organizations need college grads who have a strong understanding of international business issues. As an International Business major, your courses will introduce you to a wide range of global markets, economies, political systems, cultures, languages, and customs. 

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Courses & Requirements

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in International Business, prepares students to begin careers in today’s global marketplace. The program teaches students the cross-cultural, leadership, and analytic skills to manage the human and organizational resources of diverse global organizations.  The curriculum provides a foundation of core courses in liberal arts and business, and includes many industry specific courses as well.

Required Courses - 15 Credits

Foreign Language Electives

6 Credits

Foreign Language Electives are any non-remedial courses offered by the Arts & Sciences department with the following prefix:  LANG

General Electives

3 Credits

General Electives are any courses numbered 1000 or higher (except CARE 1890 - Micro-Internship (Optional)) which are not specifically required for the student’s degree program.

Liberal Arts & Sciences Electives

33 Credits

Liberal Arts Electives are any non-remedial courses offered by the Arts & Sciences department with the following prefixes:  COMM, ECON, ENGL, ARTS, HIST, LANG, MATH, NTSC, PHIL, POLS, PSYC, and SOCI, plus INTD 2511,  not specifically required for a major and vary depending upon major course requirements.

LIM College offers the following minors** for each major, which are intended to provide an additional focused area of study:

Fashion Media Minor:

  • Fashion Media

Fashion Merchandising Minors:

  • Beauty
  • Event Planning
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Styling
  • Retail Buying And Planning (For Non-fashion Merchandising Majors)
  • Retail Buying And Planning (For Fashion Merchandising Majors)
  • Sustainability

Liberal Arts Minors:

  • The Arts: History and Performance
  • English
  • Global Studies
  • Society And Culture

Marketing, Management, And Finance Minors:

  • Digital Business
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

Visual Studies Minors:

  • Digital Design And Photography
  • Interior And Residential Concepts
  • Photo Styling And Set Design
  • Visual Studies
  • Visuals For Social Media

Not all courses are offered every semester.

Note that the LIM College Diploma will not display minors (only degree and program will be displayed). However, minors will be shown on the LIM College transcript.

*Not available online.

**Students must take two of the five courses required for the minor at LIM College in order to declare a minor at LIM College (students may transfer in a maximum of three courses into a minor). There is no limit to the number of minors that students can declare. Students may use the same course to qualify for multiple minors. Students are limited to applying one required course as part of their minor.  Exceptions are made at the discretion of each department chair.

All undergraduate students who enroll at LIM College are assessed in the areas of writing and mathematics to ensure they receive adequate support while completing required coursework*.

Students are assessed by either:

  • Submitting ACT or SAT scores for review
  • Completing the LIM College placement tests

In addition, college-level English composition and mathematics courses will be reviewed for equivalency and used when determining placement test requirements.

Students will be placed based on any of the above submissions. If multiple submissions are made, LIM College will use the placement criteria that demonstrates the highest level of proficiency. Students who choose not to submit ACT/SAT scores and who do not take the LIM College placement test will automatically be placed into corequisite developmental courses in Writing and Statistics.

Corequisite developmental education courses do not carry credit towards the degree, but do carry hours which count towards full-time status. See Undergraduate Credits and Hours for further information. 

*Students accepted into the Fashion Scholars program are qualified out of developmental education course work.

All Fashion Scholars are required to complete the following:

All Fashion Scholars are required to complete a minimum of 21 credits at the honors level, achieving a minimum final grade of B in each course (substituting for the non-honors equivalent). The 21 honors credits include:

For the remainder of the credits, students can choose from the following:

Students accepted into the Fashion Scholars program are qualified out of all developmental education course work.

*Not available online.

Students enrolled in the Global Pathway to Fashion Program will complete the following:

Level 3A

  • FASH 1110 - Introduction to the Fashion Business credit(s): 3
  • PATH 030A - The Language of Business and Fashion I credit(s): 9
  • PATH 0410 - Undergraduate Support Lab credit(s): 3
  • PATH 0490 - Undergraduate Pathway Special Topics credit(s): 3

Level 3B

  • MRKT 1550 - Marketing credit(s): 3
  • PATH 030B - The Language of Business and Fashion II credit(s): 9
  • PATH 0410 - Undergraduate Support Lab credit(s): 3
  • PATH 0490 - Undergraduate Pathway Special Topics credit(s): 3

In order to proceed to the next level and/or complete the program, students must earn a Global Pathways GPA of 2.00 or better.

PATH course credits are institutional credits - they do not count towards total degree program credit requirements.

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Opportunities at LIM

International Business Careers

With a degree in International Business, you can pursue a career in a wide range of areas, including import/export, corporate social responsibility, licensing, supply chain logistics, and international sales.

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Internship Experiences

You'll gain priceless experience — and make important connections — through required internships. International Business majors have completed internships in areas that range from licensing and  purchasing to  merchandising and manufacturing at companies such as LVHM, Marie Claire and Vera Wang (locally), and Gucci and Commes des Garcons (internationally).

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Clubs & Organizations

There’s more to college than attending class. Enhance your experience (and your resume) with co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Make the most of your time and get involved.

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Study Abroad

International Business majors are strongly encouraged to spend time abroad. So get ready explore a different culture and expand your world view. Choose a short-term travel program or spend a semester in another country to add an invaluable experience to your education.

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