Undergraduate Visual Studies Degrees

Do you ever wonder what encourages a customer to shop in one store rather than another? It's a coordinated effort that includes marketing, merchandising, store design and visual merchandising. As an essential component of the fashion business, visual studies is the tool or language that retailers use to communicate with the customer.

How to Apply

Bachelor's Degree

Four-year degree program

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Curriculum

Through the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Visual Studies degree, you are exposed to an in-depth analysis of the retail store environment. You're introduced to the principles, philosophies and technologies through first-hand exploration and hands-on classroom experimentation.

Visual Studies Program Disclosure


Real World Experience

In the Visual Studies program, you use mannequins, forms, props and the latest software to experiment with design and technique. This intensive program prepares you for a challenging, but rewarding career as a visual merchandiser. 


Career Outcomes



The Visual Studies Department at LIM College offers you the opportunity to study with experienced industry leaders and innovators. Our professors include visual merchandising directors, window directors, writers and designers. They expose you to an in-depth analysis of the retail store environment and merchandise presentation techniques and prepare you for success in the field.



Take a look at some of the outstanding work done by our visual studies students.