2019 Coterie Show: A Guide to Trendy Fall Looks

Antionette, an LIM College freshman, attended the Coterie trade show on September 16. In this blog, she shares her favorite takeaways for the fall season.

Coterie 3

On September 16, I went with my Intro to the Fashion Business class to the New York Women’s Trade Show, otherwise known as Coterie, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this show is an event for accessories, clothing, and shoe brands to present their new-season products to buyers who are looking to purchase for their stores. If you’ve never gone, it should definitely be on your to-do list, as it is an amazing experience that really gives you an inside look at coming trends.

The trade show was divided into different sections: Coterie (the biggest section of course!), MODA, Fame, and Sole Commerce. The section I’ll focus on later on is Fame, mainly because most of my favorite looks were in this section.

Coterie - display

Inside the Javits Center

Coterie’s venue was absolutely stunning, inside and out. I also loved how organized everything was when I came in. It was easy to tell what section of the show you were in based on the way the booths were set up.

Exhibitors’ Fall 2019 styles ranged from formalwear to casualwear for all generations. There was even a small section for the newest generation called “Mommy and Me.” It sat in front of the entrance to the MODA section, with cute outfits for the little ones to match with Momma Bear.

Let’s Talk Trends

I obviously noticed a lot of trends at Coterie, but I feel like I saw the most in the Fame section.

In terms of color, I saw a lot of moss green, burnt orange, camel beige, white and off-white, golden yellow, and butterscotch yellow. For the most part, they were warm colors that reminded me of changing leaves in the fall as the weather transitions from warmer to cooler days.

I noticed a lot of chunky knit fabrics, as well as leather and denim, which are all really good for cooler fall weather.

Also, animal print and floral are in! I saw a lot of these two details, as well as pleated skirts, plaid, and lace detail throughout the trade show, but especially in Fame.

Of course, for now, we’re in a mix of warmer days and cooler days until Mother Nature decides to pick a season. So, to prepare for those confusing days, loose fits are trending.

Some of my favorite booths were GilliLush Clothing, and Skies Are Blue. But the one that excited me the most was POL Clothing.

POL Clothing

Two women wearing cable knit sweaters

POL Clothing is based in Los Angeles and produces denim apparel, headwear, and knit shirts and tops. The products displayed in their booths were all great for cooler, fall weather and looked (and felt) very comfy to throw on.

Personally, I have always loved sweater weather so when I saw this booth, I was in “Sweater Heaven!”

If I Was a Buyer ...

When I came to the Coterie show, it was to learn about the latest trends and post them! But if I came looking for products to purchase for my store for this next season, I would definitely go for the comfy looks I found at my favorite booths.

Bottom photo credit: @pol_clothing on Instagram