Love Fashion? Get a Degree in It!

Are you interested in the latest fashion trends and styles?  

Do you have the business savvy and creative flair to start your own fashion brand?  

Do you want to run your own boutique?  

What about developing your own fashion line to sell in your own store?  

blonde female student, white t-shirt, in open concept classroom with laptop

At one time or another, many of us have probably experienced the excitement of getting a brand-new pair of stylish shoes, or felt the pleasure from buying the hottest new hoodie that was just released into stores. Yes, it is exciting, but there is also a lot of work that goes into it!  

The new fall styles are now in stores and, as always, brands are marketing to customers based on age, interest, brand, and price.  

Here at LIM College, you can merge your love of fashion with the benefits of earning a solid business degree. As a top fashion school in New York, our fashion degree programs offer a wide range of possibilities.

How do you start your own fashion business?

If you want to be an entrepreneur and open your own clothing shop, or even become a fashion designer, it’s not just about trends and ideas. You will also need a basic understanding of budgeting, costs, financials, etc. As one of the top fashion schools in New York, LIM’s fashion degree programs can make a career in the business side of fashion achievable.  

LIM programs in Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, and The Business of Fashion allow you to pursue your love of fashion and gain the practical business insight to utilize your creative ideas and run a business.  

These fashion programs offer the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty who work or have worked in the fashion and lifestyle industries and get a real-world view of the fashion business in terms of promotion, cost analysis, marketing, and financial well-being.  

So, what’s holding you back? You might be on the verge of creating the next big trend or fad. It’s time to let your fashion flair shine.