3 Things I Learned As A Public Relations Intern

If you are a current college student or even about to graduate, I highly recommend that you find an internship in your field before going out into the workforce. 


I honestly had no idea what to expect before coming into my interning job--I was highly inexperienced. I knew how to behave and do things in a classroom, but never in an office space. Currently being at my internship, I learned caffeine is my best friend, corporate offices can be fun, and you can go from taking notes on ink  inventory to helping set up a meeting for the editor in chief of Allure.

1. Interning can be more than fetching coffee.

We have all seen the stereotypical fashion intern role in the movies: going on coffee runs, scanning many documents, counting one million buttons for the next collection, and being consumed by so much busywork. My internship experience surprised me, I probably only ran out once to buy my boss coffee (because hers spilled on the desk). I was able to assist with the execution of our PR strategies by creating press kits and labeling samples for upcoming fragrances. I also, assisted in scheduling and coordinating of different launch events. I was encouraged to share my ideas with my coworkers which surprised me because why would marketing professionals want to hear interns' ideas? Not only did they listen to my ideas, but considered them. I worked on tasks that I enjoy that are relevant to the career choice I want to pursue.

2. An internship is better than a typical summer job.

In my experience, an internship is much better than a typical summer job. A lot of people say “it’s good for your resume” just take the internship. Even though that is true, my internship, or if I had taken any internship in the fashion/beauty industry, would’ve helped me because it prepared me for the workforce. It helped me build my experience in the fashion industry and business world. Wherever you go, whether it’s a new job opportunity, an internship, or anywhere, the first thing people look at is how much experience do you have. I have gained real-life experience, made great connections, and built a strong resume. Not only am I earning money but I am learning as well, whatever I am learning at my current internship will help me at my next job. Overall my internship has shown me why I am majoring in fashion marketing and assured me that this is the major that best suits my career and goals.

3. I learned things that I could not learn in a classroom.

I usually had morning classes and then went off to my internship in the afternoon, so while in class I could memorize marketing terminology that was needed for tests or projects. Going to my internship and being there all day I’m experiencing it all firsthand, being hands-on with the public relations department has taught me more than even the best classroom ever could. Not only was I learning, but I was applying what I learned in class. I have taken the knowledge from completing specific tasks, sitting in on meetings, even having conversations with my supervisor. Being immersed in such a creative and growing (sometimes hectic) environment has made me open to more ideas, help challenge me to step out of my comfort zone.

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