New York Fashion Week: Tiffany Brown Designs Show

New York Fashion Week is officially back in action after a year filled with uncertainty and disappointment. As a kickoff to my Introduction to Fashion Business course, our class was able to attend the Tiffany Brown Designs show in midtown, Manhattan.

Ali Reed

Before the show, all guests were required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a way to ensure safety within the venue. Eventually, we were ushered into the studio where the models would show off new trends.

Tiffany Brown Designs runway models

Various silhouettes were showcased throughout the duration of the show, including sheath, straight column, and even bell. However, the most noticeable part was the elegant, muted purple used for every outfit. Tiffany Brown’s artistic vision was apparent after seeing this style choice: purple does truly go with every skin-tone and gender, making it the perfect summer look.

Aside from color and silhouettes, Tiffany Brown Designs exhibited an array of classic, light fabrics. Catching my eye were the numerous ways in which tulle could be the best summer trend to come. Brown styled these tulle dresses in a way that could only be described as breathtaking. Models were seen wearing fishnet hair-scarves that brought each look to a new level.

Tiffany Brown Designs runway model

Overall, the show was an educational and entertaining experience. Our class was not only surprised with a singing performance by two of the male models; but, we were also able to talk with Tiffany Brown representatives, including Lori Riviere, Tiffany Brown's press agent, about the fashion industry in general. They asked what we hope to pursue in the future and offered us advice to help us along the way.

For my first New York Fashion Week, I felt not only welcomed but truly seen by the people who I hope to one day work alongside.