5 Pieces of Advice for a Smooth Transfer Process

Are you transferring, or considering transferring, to LIM College? We're eager to welcome you! To ensure a seamless school transfer, check out our Admissions team's top five suggestions.


Transferring to a new college is a huge decision, especially when you’re coming to a big, high-energy city like New York.

When students realize the business of fashion is where they see their future, our Transfer Admissions team is extremely well-practiced in helping them find their place with us. After all, transfer students make up more than a third of LIM College’s student body.

If you’re considering transferring to LIM—or, if you’ve already decided you’ll be coming here to complete your college experience—here are some important steps to follow: 

1. Get to know LIM’s Transfer Services team. The transfer process can be overwhelming. The good news is our dedicated staff of Transfer Admissions Counselors, Academic Advisors, and Student Ambassadors can walk you through the whole process. Ask questions or set up a call with us by emailing TransferServices@limcollege.edu.

2. Plan ahead for tuition costs. When doing your financial planning, don’t forget to submit or update your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) This can be done prior to acceptance and treated like a part of your application material requirements. Need a refresher on submitting your FAFSA? 

3. Start reviewing how credits will count toward your LIM degree. Have courses in progress that you’re unsure will transfer toward a degree in fashion business? Trying to strategically plan your final semester at your current school? Feel free to submit those courses for review via our Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form. To make the most of your time and work, we can steer you toward credits that will transfer over, or confirm you’re on the most efficient path.

4. “Go green” and submit materials electronically. You can electronically submit some application materials, such as transcripts, for review by our department. The paperless approach isn't just healthier for the planet, it saves you the effort of printing and mailing paper copies. After emailing documents to admissions@limcollege.edu, you can monitor when they’re received and processed in real time by looking at the checklist on your Applicant Status Page.

5. Visit our campus and get a same-day admissions decision! We host informational events throughout the year, including transfer-specific visiting opportunities. This includes Transfer Services Day, Transfer Tuesdays, and private visits for our community college partners who want to make the most of a “field trip” to New York City. At some of these events, you can be admitted on the spot, allowing you to start your transfer prep work and planning as early as possible!

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