Affordable Back To School Clothing Stores

We all love the excitement of purchasing new outfits to show off for our friends, and even just to wear to feel good about ourselves. Whether your school year is in-person, on Zoom, or fully online, check out some of these shops.

Someone taking a photo in a mirror

1. Princess Polly

Princess Polly is an online boutique with a variety of options to choose from. Whether your style is more girly or more edgy, you’re bound to find something you love. My favorite pieces to buy from here are bodysuits, skirts, and jeans.

Pro-tip: it’s super easy to find 20% off coupons for this website. I’ve never shopped here without having one. You can also use the site Honey to help you find coupons for other sites as well. A lot of the time I find discount codes from my favorite influencers, but social media apps normally promote 20% off codes as well in their advertisements from time to time.

The blue top in the photo is from Princess Polly.

2. Francesca’s

I had never really shopped from Francesca’s before, but the other day, I was out shopping with my best friend when a $20 and under sale caught my eye. The whole boutique was less than $20. I found a nice pink dress for $20 as well as a necklace for only $5. I had only shopped here once previously where I found a winter vest for $20. If you wait for sales from this store, it’s always worth the wait.

3. Depop

Depop is basically an online thrift store with an endless amount of options to choose from. I recently purchased a pair of jeans that were from Pacsun and bought them for half the price that the actual website is currently selling them for. I think it’s nice to know you’re paying individuals who might really need an income from selling some of their older pieces, and often times, the shipping is quick and the item comes in near perfect condition.

The jeans in the photo are from Depop.

4. Marshall’s/TJ Maxx

I included both Marshall’s and TJ Maxx for this point, because they’re pretty similar stores. They’re both owned by TJX Companies. You can buy shoes, cosmetics, clothing, purses, and more from here at a discounted price. I’ve seen higher-end brands such as Calvin Klein and Michael Kors from here, as well as some not as well-known brands. I’ve recently purchased a skirt from here for $10, a jacket for $30, a t-shirt for $5, and more.

The skirt in the photo is from Marshall’s.

5. Brunch Club

I had to include this as if you haven’t heard of Brunch Club before, you need to check it out now. Brunch Club is an online boutique curated by Samantha Feher. There are some really cool and unique pieces sold on this site. My two favorite items I’ve gotten from here are a black bodysuit and amazing leather pants.

The pants in the photo are from Brunch Club.

6. American Eagle

I’ve purchased most of my jeans from American Eagle, but they have some other cool items as well. My favorite sweaters for the cooler months are from here, as well as I’ve bought some nice jackets. I recommend giving them a look if you haven’t recently. They tend to have pretty good sales as well.

The jacket in the photo is from American Eagle.