Affordable Places to Shop for Dorm Essentials

Carolina shows ways to make a dorm room look good, even on a budget.


About a year ago, I remember being so excited to go dorm shopping. I wanted to make my room look good, but I was also balling on a budget. Some home stores can be very expensive,  especially when it comes to bedding or kitchen utensils. My main focus was to save as much money as I could for the city, rather than spending it on dorm essentials. In the following stores, I found quality items for affordable prices. 

1. Ikea is the perfect place to shop for dorm essentials if you are on a budget. They have it all from kitchen supplies, bedding, bath accessories and even decor. Everything is low cost but still good quality. It’s also very convenient because it’s a one stop shop for everything you need.

2. Ross is a great place to get brand name dorm essentials for affordable prices. They mostly have decor and kitchen utensils.

3. TJ Maxx is also known for having brand name items for much discounted prices such as bedding, towels and other dorm accessories.

4. Five Below is such a fun store to go to because they always have cool items to spice up your room. They also have more essential items such as hampers, school supplies and extension cords. And of course, all of them are under $5. I would check out Five Below if you want more decor for your room.

5. Target has a whole section dedicated solely to dorm essentials. I’ve purchased bedding and pillows from their college essentials line and I was very pleased with the quality. Another advantage to Target is if you order in store, you can have free shipping. When I moved to NYC from Florida, it was hard to get all my belongings there. I simply went around the store and wrote down the serial number of all the items I wanted. I paid for all the items that day and they shipped them to the dorms at no cost.