Ask A Creative Entrepreneur: Speed Mentoring for Students

The event involved speed mentoring sessions with founders and owners of businesses in creative fields.

Speed Mentoring 2

On Tuesday January 28th, I attended the “Ask a Creative Entrepreneur” event that LIM College hosted at the Townhouse. I expected this to be a traditional panel, but it was much more individualized.

The event involved speed mentoring sessions with founders and owners of businesses in creative fields. There were four tables with about 4-5 students each; the mentors each had ten minutes at each table to learn about the students, talk about their experiences, and answer the focus question. For example, when I met with the first mentor, the question was, “How do you get people on board with your business/idea?”

Speed Mentoring 1

The event had four guests. There was Jean Criss, who is the founder of Criss Cross Intimates. One quote she said that really stuck with me was, “If you have the interest and willpower to do it, you can do it.”

Next, there was Milly Almodovar. She is a TV & Lifestyle Beauty Expert. We got to watch a video on all of the different television shows she has spoken on, and it was really incredible to see how influential and experienced she is.

Veronica Castro was the third special guest. She is the owner of Vesa Brides and Vesa Dresses. I believe she even said she is a LIM alum! It was amazing hearing about her passion for the bridal world.

Speed Mentoring - five people around a table

Last but not least, there was Josh White from OffWhite Co. design and strategy firm. He had such an incredible vibe to him that basically showed if he wanted something, he was going to go for it. I loved seeing that energy and think it is so motivational.

Overall, this was a great networking event that our college put on. It was so easy to just go to the Townhouse and sit down with the mentors. I am glad I was able to attend the event.

You never know when these connections may lead to a possible job or internship!