Atelier Ndigo at NYFW23 - A Memorable "Dream Come True"

My name is Allana Mohamed, and I'm a first-year LIM student majoring in Fashion Marketing. Volunteering for NYFW23 was an experience I never thought I would get to be a part of. It felt like a total dream come true for a teenage girl obsessed with fashion!

NYFW 23 models

The show I volunteered at was an upcoming brand for women called Atelier Ndigo. We were on Canal Street at Spring Studios, and my main responsibility was being part of the wardrobe team helping models get ready and retrieving tools and materials for other show staff, to make the process more agile. Once I arrived at the studio I checked in with other volunteers and I got a shiny pink wristband for NYFW!

Of course, not everything went as planned. (But isn't that how it's supposed to be?). The clothes didn't arrive exactly on time for the models; but that was acceptable being that they needed more time for hair and makeup anyway! I loved getting to watch the models practice their walk in the showroom and finish with hair, nails, and makeup. The wardrobe finally came, and everything became energetic in the dressing room!

I was led by a fashion stylist, Naomi Fitzgerald, who guided me with specific details. I helped about six models get ready and did a lot of multitasking I didn’t know I was capable of. I had to make sure the clothes fit properly, heels were on tight, no threads sticking out, no tape showing, and everything had to be laid out properly. At times, I'd be working on two models at once because we were behind schedule. But in the end, the show went perfectly, and the team couldn’t have been prouder of the work!

This involvement was remarkably memorable and showed that things don’t always go as perfectly with live events, no matter how big and perfect they might appear. But we overcame the obstacles!


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