Beauty Essentials: Pandemic Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon many changes in our daily lives. For fashion and makeup lovers like myself, my everyday style habits have changed, as well as my makeup and skincare routine.


While I used to wear a full face of makeup, it seems as though this is a waste of time during this time of constant mask-wearing. That was until I found the absolute best smudge-proof lip products!

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics was founded in 2011, by a single teenage mother, Cashmere Nicole, who is also a woman of color, and breast cancer survivor. The single woman operated company has eventually grown over the years into a beauty phenomenon. The cosmetics brand has a social media following of over one million and even made its way into Ulta Beauty Retailers.

Beauty Bakerie is known for its smudge-proof liquid lipsticks. Their liquid matte lips are some of my favorite essentials that are a must during this time! My favorites include Bubblegum Crisis Matte Lip Whip, as well as Berry Pop Matte Lip Whip. These lip favorites stay on all day and do not smudge the least bit on your mask. I have worn these to work for over eight hours, and even through brunch, without any smudging! These lip whips are a lifesaver if you are a beauty lover in the pandemic.

In addition to the liquid lips, Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics has an amazing smudge-proof foundation and setting spray to make your makeup stay all day. The Spray Your Grace setting spray, and the Instabake Acqua Glass foundation are just a few of my beauty staples during this time. I can be comfortable all day, in a mask while still looking smudge-free and perfectly beat! As a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist, I highly recommend shopping Beauty Bakerie's products. Also, it's breast cancer awareness month, so it is the perfect time to support the brand of a single woman of color who survived cancer.