Club Highlight: Blog Club

For this club highlight, we’ll be looking to where much of our content is actually curated: The Blog Club!

Three people sitting down

The LIM Blog Club was started by five freshman in fall 2019, including myself. The LIM blog page already existed, but we wanted to work together to create more content for the blog and make it even more of a platform for students’ voices.


What do I write about? How often do I write?

With the blogs, you can really write about whatever you want to. Whether it be social injustices, campus events, food in NYC, and anything that connects to your experience as a student. Another great note to make about the Blog Club is its flexibility. To be a member, you only have to submit one post a month. Of course, if you want to write more often, you’re welcome to do so!

Even if you’re not part of the Blog Club, you’re welcome to submit ideas and articles you have written to possibly be posted. We want the blogs to be as inclusive as possible.

Are there any meetings?

Last year, we held one in-person meeting per semester to welcome in new members. We would be happy to do the same again, whether it be in-person socially distanced, or on Zoom.

Who can join?

Any student! We have a page for undergraduate and graduate. We also have a study abroad page, if you’ve been a part of that program and would like to share your experience.

Also, whether you are a hybrid in-person, hybrid virtual, or fully online student, you are welcome to join.


Who can I contact?

I’m sure we’ll do public announcements, but for now, feel free to email me at with any questions or comments. You can start submitting blog content now! We look forward to welcoming new members and seeing you all in the fall.