Cosmetics Club 2


Club Highlight: Cosmetics Club

Cosmetics Club 2

The central idea of the cosmetics club is to build up connections with professionals and companies within the beauty industry.

Our next club series highlight is on the “glamorous” side. This focuses on LIM College’s Cosmetics Club. From working on the annual Fashion Show to networking with beauty industry professionals, the Cosmetics Club is a great club to join if this interests you. I spoke with Emily Abbate, co-leader of the club, and a sophomore studying Marketing with a minor in Beauty / Cosmetics. My favorite topic we spoke about was their recent trip to the Chanel Atelier.

Three women holding up a copy of Cosmetics Club magazine

Tessa: What is your club about?
Emily: The central idea of the cosmetics club is to build up connections with professionals and companies within the beauty industry. Our main focus is putting on events and panels with industry professionals. We also run the hair and makeup side of the LIM Fashion Show, and we come up with the looks.

Tessa: What do you believe is special about your club? 

Cosmetics Club - makeup in a display

Emily: I think our events are super intimate and hands-on, so it allows our members to get a lot of one-on-one experience with the companies we work with. It really allows for our club members to gain a lot of experience and makes it very special.

Tessa: What are some events your club participates in?
Emily: We typically put on panels where LIM students can ask industry professionals from multiple different companies questions about the beauty industry and current trends. Our most recent event was held at the Chanel Atelier experience in SoHo, where students could ask members of the corporate team about their jobs and about the Atelier store.

Tessa: How many meetings are there for the club per month and when are they?
Emily: We used to meet weekly in-person, but now we are working on holding our meetings through Zoom. Our main form of communication with club members right now is through email.

Tessa: Anything else people should know about the club?
Emily: Our club is for beauty lovers and students interested in the cosmetic industry. It is really important for us to emphasize that we don't do makeup; we are involved in the business behind it. We also get to work on a lot of fun things like organizing these panels and we even work on photoshoots. If you are a beauty lover, join the Cosmetics Club!