Club Highlight: The Lexington Line

For our next club highlight, I would have to guess the majority of readers who clicked on this article already know what it is. 

Lexington Line

Here at LIMThe Lexington Line is like our football team. Our community is always rooting for them and ecstatic for the launch of each issue. While you may already know what it is, there are so many more positions and jobs that go into this magazine that the average student is unaware of. I am currently part of the marketing team, and I originally didn’t even know there were marketing positions available. There’s also a whole web aspect outside the physical magazine that is constantly being updated. I recently explored all this and more with Editorial Director Erica Fouts.

Tessa: What club are you part of and what’s your role?

Erica: I’m Erica Fouts, and I am the Editorial Director of The Lexington Line. My job consists of editing all of our print articles and overseeing our website content. I run biweekly staff writer meetings and help out our incredible web team. Also, alongside the other two head editors, I make sure all things relating to LexLine are running smoothly. Plus, I write for both web and print because I love producing content, and why the heck not?

Tessa: What year are you in? What’s your major?

Erica: I am a junior Fashion Media major, and I am double minoring in English and Digital Business.

Tessa: What is your club about?

Erica: The Lexington Line provides students with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work for a publication or digital media company. Staff members are given a digital platform on which they can publish their work and a print medium where they can see their art come to life. LexLine is about collaboration, creativity, and leadership … and having fun. We have a ball doing what we do.

Lexington Line

Tessa: What’s special about your club?

Erica: The sense of community fostered by the LexLine is incredible. Everyone who works on the magazine and on our digital content is so passionate and talented and driven, and when we come together to collaborate on our print issue, it feels like magic. I hope that when I graduate I can find a work environment that matches The Lexington Line’s culture.

Tessa: What events do you do for the club?

Erica: Aside from our biannual open meeting, where we invite the entire school to interview for open positions—which is a whirlwind—our main event each semester is our launch party. Our marketing team starts preparing for it before we even start working on the magazine. They handle the invites, get gift-bag products, seek out a killer location, and organize fun raffles. We look forward to our launch every season, and we couldn’t do it without our marketing team.  

Tessa: How many meetings are there for the club per month?

Lexington Line

Erica: The entire staff meets once a week, Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Every other week, our staff writers and editorial editors meet on Tuesdays, also at 6 p.m.

Tessa: Anything else people should know about the club?

Erica: Whether you are interested in media, writing, styling, hair and makeup artistry, graphic design, management, marketing, video production, or photography, there is a place for you on The Lexington Line. I think it is one of the best organizations on campus for getting your feet wet and gaining industry experience.