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“Early Action” Explained

Hayley downtown

Excited to fast-track becoming part of the LIM community? Here's a quick Q&A about our “Early Action” process for Fall 2024!

Applying to colleges can be confusing.

For example, what exactly does it mean to apply “Early Action”?

Let’s break it down.

Q: If I get accepted as an Early Action applicant, does that mean I’m committing to attending LIM?
A: No! If you’re accepted through Early Action, it’s nonbinding. Translation: We definitely want you to come here, but you’re not required.

Q: Do I have to submit SAT/ACT scores if I apply Early Action?
A: No. Submitting SAT/ACT is optional, no matter when you apply.

Q: What are the benefits of being an Early Action applicant?
A: It gives you more time to make your final decision, since you know you’re already accepted. You can also make a more informed financial decision, because you’ll have more time and opportunities to fully understand what your total tuition will be, work with Student Financial Services to make a payment plan if you need to, and learn about resources that are available to make your education affordable.

Q: What’s the deadline for Early Action? And when will I get a decision?
A: LIM College's Early Action application deadline is Nov. 15. We’ll let you know if you’re accepted by mid-December. And you can start the holidays with one less thing on your mind!

Simply put, Early Action is a great way to get an Admissions decision sooner than you normally would, and it comes with no restriction on your freedom to choose where to enroll.