“Early Action” Explained

Excited to fast-track becoming part of the LIM community? Here's a quick Q&A about our “Early Action” process for Fall 2024!

Hayley downtown

Applying to colleges can be confusing.

For example, what exactly does it mean to apply “Early Action”?

Let’s break it down.

Q: If I get accepted as an Early Action applicant, does that mean I’m committing to attending LIM?
A: No! If you’re accepted through Early Action, it’s nonbinding. Translation: We definitely want you to come here, but you’re not required.

Q: Do I have to submit SAT/ACT scores if I apply Early Action?
A: No. Submitting SAT/ACT is optional, no matter when you apply.

Q: What are the benefits of being an Early Action applicant?
A: It gives you more time to make your final decision, since you know you’re already accepted. You can also make a more informed financial decision, because you’ll have more time and opportunities to fully understand your total cost of attendance and what resources are available to make your education affordable.

Q: What’s the deadline for Early Action? And when will I get a decision?
A: Our Early Action application deadline is Nov. 15. We’ll let you know if you’re accepted by mid-December. And you can start the holidays with one less thing to worry about.

Simply put, Early Action is a great way to get an Admissions decision sooner than you normally would, and it comes with no restriction on your freedom to choose where to enroll.