Expecting the Unexpected, Studying Abroad in Italy

I think it is safe to say that an Italian summer is just about every girl's dream at some point in their lives. There is nothing like Italian sun (literally, it burns like no other!), the breathtaking architecture, and might I add, the gelato!

Italy Study Abroad

My name is Angelika Cwiklewski, and I am a junior studying Marketing. This summer I was given the opportunity to study abroad with a group of LIM students in Florence, Italy. The months leading up to my departure were full of anticipation, in fact, I downloaded a countdown app just so I could mentally prepare…no shame in my game! 

Of course, as a fashion student my other preparations included outfit planning. A quick word of advice—pack every tank top you own—thank me later. There were many reasons why I was looking forward to my Study Abroad program in Florence. First, meeting new people from LIM was not something I’d had many opportunities to do, because I was largely a remote student; plus, I would be discovering all the little things that make the Italian culture special.

‘Expect the unexpected’ is what I lived by during my three weeks in Florence. Apart from the already established itinerary we had, there was always something going on in the city so being bored was virtually impossible. 

At one point, my roommates and I ran into the Dante right outside of our apartment. The atmosphere and ambiance of Florence is something everyone must experience and what better way than to combine your studying and travels into one! 

I could not recommend the Rebirth and Revolution: Arts in Florence Study Abroad program enough. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was a life-changing experience. You can always make money, but you will never be this young and have the opportunity to study abroad in Italy. The basilicas, artwork, sculptures, private workshops, architecture, sunsets, are memories that I will carry with me forever. 

Now I have to say, the one thing I definitely do not miss the four billion stair walkup to my apartment. (Good thing the place had air conditioning!).

LIM has so many Study Abroad opportunities available for its students, and programs are various lengths. With a little help from our wonderful Study Abroad coordinator, Indigo Goodson, you are sure to realize all your traveling dreams!

Angelina in Italy