Fashion Stylist and Fashion Show Coordinator: Danielle Dinten (LIM Class of 2012)

My name is Danielle Dinten.  I am a fashion stylist, a fashion show coordinator, and most importantly, an LIM College alumni, Class of 2012.  I emphasize this because without LIM College, I would not be where I am today. I owe LIM a huge thank you for introducing me to such amazing experiences and opportunities.

Danielle Dinten

Where to begin ... I walked through the doors of LIM feeling nervous and excited for the new journey I was about to embark on. The College introduced me to my first internship at Gucci on 5th Avenue. This is where my fashion journey would begin to take off.

Gucci was the beginning, but the next moment in my fashion career is what began to change it all. It was a late night in the residence hall during my second semester. I couldn’t sleep and I was up browsing on my computer. LIM sent an email saying the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was looking for interns. I was beyond excited and sent my resume right away. The following week, I got a call from the Victoria’s Secret team saying I had an interview lined up with the designer of the show. 

Danielle at VSFS

I will never forget the day of my interview. I took the subway to the 59th Street station in my white button up and interviewed with the designer of the show, Todd Thomas. I formally accepted the internship on the spot, and started right away. I was hands-on with every aspect of the show. From helping with mood boards to running around the Garment District, I knew this is where I needed to be. 

It was the moment I met the stylist for the show, Charlotte Stockdale, that I realized I wanted to become a stylist. From her demeanor to her responsibilities and creativity on the show, I knew that this was someone I would aspire to be like. From there, I worked on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as an intern for the rest of my college career.

Danielle Dinten

After college, I landed a summer job with Project Runway as a Production Assistant. It was my goal at this show to meet 5 stylists and to create a relationship with them. After filming, I started interning with one of those stylists, Patti Wilson. Patti is the editor at Vogue Italia, and works with major brands and designers. 

This opportunity led me to become a full time stylist assistant with renowned stylists in the industry. At 23 years old, I began traveling all over the world working with different brands, celebrities, and photographers.

I slowly began to gain my own clientele and became a lead stylist and fashion show coordinator as time passed. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which LIM introduced me to, even called me back after many years to hire me as a coordinator. I had the opportunity to fly to China and Paris for their VS Fashion Shows. These were experiences of a lifetime.

Danielle and Alicia Keys

I am forever thankful to LIM College for getting my career jump started. To the current students, I say always be a fearless networker. Show up when opportunities arise. Be a hard worker and be passionate about what you are doing.  

Every moment counts. Even when you feel like you are starting from the bottom, keep going. People will pay attention when you work hard, smart, and with a smile on your face. I wish you the best on your LIM journey. And you can follow me @danielledintenstyle to keep up with mine!