Five Black Owned Fashion/Beauty Companies To Check Out


Currently, we are living through events that will end up in textbooks. The Black Lives Matter movement is not just a trend. It is important to continue showing support and to encourage others to be educated on racism in America

Almost every day, I see my friends on Instagram reposting posts relating to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and police brutality. This is spreading awareness and Instagram is aiding in making a change for people to find organizations to support or donate to. Instagram is also the main platform that I have gone to sign petitions, find links, and to read quick articles about current events relating to these issues. LIM College has also been reposting resourceful posts about social justice and other civil rights movements.

Yes, donating and supporting bigger organizations relating to Black Lives Matter will make a bigger impact, but smaller impacts are very important as well. Supporting Black-owned businesses is a simple way to show that you understand what is currently going on, and you want to show that Black-owned businesses are just as equal and supported as any other business.

Here are a few Black-owned fashion/beauty businesses that you should check-out and support:


Briogeo was founded by Nancy Twine, growing up she learned how to make hair products with her grandma. In her 20’s, she moved to NYC and started creating her products. The products she has created serve a diverse group of hair textures and meets everyone's needs. The company is clean and transparent when it comes to ingredients. Briogeo is cruelty-free and ethically sourced.


The Tiny Tassel is a jewelry brand that specializes in bright, vibrant colored earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. After learning more about the brand, I will definitely be purchasing a pair of these earrings! Mimi Striplin is the founder and maker of the brand. She creates everything handmade and even makes some party decor.


Haus Urban was founded by Hassan Urban. Hassan is a former performer, and most of his products are made for performers dealing with stage lighting, sweating, and heavy stage makeup. Hassan’s products are natural and affordable.


Zou Xou is a slow fashion footwear company founded by Katherine Theobalds. This footwear company only creates handcrafted shoes in small amounts. This ensures that there is no overproduction, in order to create less waste. These ethically made practical shoes look extremely comfortable and are stylish.


Riot Swim is a popular swimwear company you'll find all over Instagram. Riot Swim was founded in 2016 by Monti Landers. There are so many different swimsuit styles to choose from, like high waisted, one piece, and swimsuits that could be worn as bodysuits.