Five Goals To Set For Your Last Semester At LIM

LIM Senior, Brittany walks you through 5 goals you should set for yourself during your last semester.

Person standing in front of blue wall

1. Try and find an internship for your Senior Co-op that you want to turn into your full time career

Having a senior co-op that you enjoy and want to turn into a full time position after graduation is a great way to make a seamless transition into the real world post grad. For you, that could mean returning to a previous internship or even staying at your current one. If not, attending the LIM Career Fair can be great tool for achieving this goal. One of the best pieces of advice that I received from a professor at LIM was to not only treat your job interviews as them interviewing you, but also you are interviewing them.

2. Try and establish connections with the professors you would like to keep in touch with after graduation

LinkedIn is a great way to do this. Since a lot of the professors at LIM are adjunct, meaning they have corporate jobs as well, you will find that by making a connection with them you are basically making a connection with all their contacts as well. Staying in touch with your professors is a great way to stay in the loop with what is happening in the corporate world and they can be a very valuable asset to you on your career path. 


3. Try and take advantage of all the resources LIM has to offer, such as Career Services and the Resume Center

LIM career services is set in place to help empower students to reach their full career and internship potential. They throw a lot of great events whether it be a workshop to perfect your LinkedIn, or a summit that can help connect you to some of the biggest names in the fashion world. They also offer services such as the resume center where you can get feedback on your resume and have great technology resources available to all students and alumni including Simplicity and job databases.

4. Start preparing for your future without school

This can be a really strange reality to a lot of people at first but, everybody goes through it. Whether this means apartment hunting, job searching or even just figuring where you want to be in the world. The sooner you start planning for it, the less scary it will be.

5. Have fun!

There are so many great events to attend at LIM such as the LIM Fashion Show, weekly yoga at the residence halls, Urban Food Discoveries, volunteering at NYFW or even joining the blog club to blog about your experience as a last semester senior!