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LIM College does an exceptional job of preparing its students for life after college. Our college is one of few that requires three internships plus the internship prep classes. Internships are a great opportunity for networking, building a resume, gaining experience, and possibly being hired after graduation.

Internship overview

Our college prepares us well with resources such as Symplicity and the career fair to seek internships and to network. Internships are valuable for fashion business school students because it allows us to gain real-life work experience. Internships open more doors for our future and help build more relationships with professionals in different fields. Internships also allow students to value certain work ethics and values.

Finding an internship takes consistency and patience. I was nervous that I would not find an internship on time before my second semester as a freshman, but thankfully, I did. I was hired as a seasonal worker for a shoe store called Superga. Superga is license by Steve Madden, and our store connects to the flagship Steve Madden store in SoHo. After the holiday winter season was over, I was hired onto the team to stay, and I later asked my boss if I could intern at the store. This meant that I was still paid to do my normal job and be taught different skills or learn other aspects of retail and management. I had an amazing experience interning at Superga, even though my time was cut short due to the virus.

I recommend using Symplicity through LIM to easily apply for internships. Symplicity lists the deadline date to apply for the internship, a description of the internship, and the level you must be at to apply for the position.

Another great website to use is LinkedIn. I found my job at Superga through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a very resourceful website that lets you do more than just find an internship. It also lets you connect with others and is a great source to network. I also love that LinkedIn shows you if a current LIM student works for the company or has worked there in the past.

I also recommend telling friends and professors that you are looking for an internship. That way if one of your friends is notified about an internship position opening, they can contact you. Professors are also a great resource because they might be in touch with more professionals or people looking to hire interns.

Networking at events or at career fairs is another great way to find an internship. Putting yourself out there and building relationships with others is important. The fashion industry is all about who you know, and your network can help you secure positions in the future when you are looking for a job after graduation.

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