How to Prepare For An Interview

Getting ready for an interview can be nerve racking. Preparing to put your best foot forward is essential.



Research the company or person that is interviewing you. What is their brand? Who is the founder? Where did the company originate from? When you are being interviewed, they will know if you did your research or not. Ask them questions about the company that you would only know to ask if you did your research. This shows interest and initiative. They love to see that you are invested in their company.

Of course, dress appropriately. Research what kind of clothes people wear for the position you are interviewing for. When I did my interview for a clothing retail store, I wore more of a fashion forward outfit because they want to see that you can represent their brand. I tend to wear business formal clothes that play along with the image of the brand as much as possible.

Lady Boss

Rearrange your resume for each interview. List in order the most relevant work experience you have for the job you are interviewing for. If you are applying to work in a retail store and you’ve worked retail before, that should be at the top of your list. Your resume should display the best skills you’ve learned previously that will help you land this position. Make sure you bring several copies of your resume, even if you’ve previously given them a copy.

You are there to interview them, too. There is a common misconception that companies only interview you, but you also interview them. Not only do they have to analyze if this is a good fit for them, but also if this is a good fit for you. How do you feel about the person interviewing you? Is it someone you believe you would want to work with? Come ready with some questions you have for them. This will show interest and initiative.

Women interviewing

Practice for your interview. If you feel like it’s necessary, you can set up a mock interview with the career and internship services counselors. They will help you prepare your resume, questions and anything else you may need help with. This can be extremely helpful if you haven’t been to an interview yet.