How to Succeed in Skincare (Even if You Don’t Wear Makeup)


LIM College hosted a Beauty and Skincare Panel in which industry professionals, including current LIM students, discussed their positions and their tips for success.

On March 28, LIM’s Experiential Education and Career Management Department, in collaboration with the Cosmetics Club, hosted a Beauty and Skincare Panel in Maxwell Hall. Industry professionals, including a current LIM student, discussed their positions and how they were achieved.

Among those invited to speak were:
- Carmangelo Capasso, a LIM student and a Marketing Intern with Burberry at Coty
- Dashley Lopez, a Marketing Coordinator at Cover FX
- Valerie Scarini, a Junior Regulatory Associate at ChemAid
- Laura Ziv, Executive Editor of Beautystreams, a beauty forecasting service

Let me start off by admitting I wasn't sure what to expect from this event. I never wear makeup, and the most I do to care for my skin is wash my face in the shower. However, by the end of the evening, I was surprised by how much I learned not just about skincare, but about succeeding in any professional environment. The speakers related their corporate experiences to the students in attendance, sharing thoughts about making connections, crafting a personal brand, and above all, staying passionate about your work.

All of the presenters agreed that making connections can be daunting. Ziv urged us to think about networking less as reciting a pitch and more as a simple sharing of interests and ideas. According to her, connecting with others is, “about human contact, rather than building yourself up into what you think you should be.”

Lopez agreed that networking should be thought of in terms of being yourself. She added that in today’s world, everyone markets themselves as a corporate superstar, which isn’t an achievable reality. Instead, she advised students to know what their unique talents are, and to present themselves with confidence, whether they’re in an interview or picking up a bagel from the corner bodega. Being in New York, you never know who may be observing your style; you can represent your personal brand in small ways.

All of the speakers’ talking points were brought together by one final word: passion. Capasso “let [his] passion shine through,” which helped him move from the field to the desk. He and his fellow panelists expressed that if you have passion, you don’t necessarily need a structured succession plan. You need excitement to grow and explore, and this is something to bring to the job every day. This stuck with me, as I realized it’s something I can do in my job or just in my schoolwork.

The talk ended with two guiding questions, meant for those who were in attendance during the panel and for those reading now: When do you feel the most connected to the beauty or fashion industry? And what does beauty mean to you?