Job Opportunities on Campus

There are many opportunities on campus and they can be very beneficial for your resume.

Student Job Opportunities
Student Job Opportunities

I personally think that working on campus is best. It offers flexibility around classes and your schedule. You can do a work study, which is a part time job that helps pay off tuition. There are also jobs that are just like a regular part time job and pay minimum wage in NYC which is $15. I personally work for the marketing office, the admissions office and in the mentor program at school. There are many opportunities on campus and they can be very beneficial for your resume. It is also perfect for international students who can only work on campus and under 20 hours a week.

1. Being a Tutor

One option is becoming a tutor in the Math or Writing Center. For a math positions, one of the math professors must give a recommendation. However, there is also an opportunity to work in the math center handling the appointments, which does not require a recommendation. In the math center, you help other students with their classwork in classes like accounting and algebra.

The writing center helps students with formatting papers and sometimes even personal writing pieces. These jobs all offer flexibility and schedules designed to be more manageable.

Math/Writing Center

2. Library

The Library is located in Maxwell Hall and is currently looking for student workers. The workers in the library work at the front desk. They work to keep the library in order and assisting people who come into the library. This position is usually a work study.


3. Admissions

The Admissions office offers two types of work. The first is working in the office and assisting the admissions team. There are many different office responsibilities, and one can work a variety of hours. Then, there is working as a special events ambassador. This is what I do. I give tours of the buildings and work Open Houses. You have to be trained and pass a mock tour of each building.


4. Marketing

As a marketing student worker, you may write blogs, record videos, or create social media content for the college, such as for InstagramTwitterTikTok, etc.

I personally really like this position and it is giving me more experience in marketing that can go on my resume. 


5. Mentor Program

The LIM Mentor Program has the largest group of jobs, and these are not work study. Positions are in multiple departments and at different times of the year. There are some jobs that are only during the summer, like Orientation Leader and Summer Conference Leader. Some also work in the advising office and career department. This is also is how you would apply to be an RA. This is my second year in the mentor program. I really enjoy it. It also offers me many opportunities to network with other LIM students. I also have gained many connections with staff. Below is the link for the all the different positions in the mentor program.

Mentor Program

6. Other Opportunities

The campus life fair and job fairs are great ways to about learn more positions. Most of the offices do have student workers, and if you have a specific interest in something, there is a high chance there is a job that could fit those interests. You can work in the office of Student Life, Student Financial Services and there are occasional opportunities that come through email. My sophomore year, I took part in a marketing video for the school and was given a gift card for being a part of it. The career department at the school can help you find a job on campus, too.