Landing the Perfect Internship

One of the biggest advantages of earning a fashion degree at LIM College is the mandatory internship program.

Fashion Internship

If you’re willing to put in the work, you have the potential to graduate with a top-notch resume. Remember, LIM College doesn’t find these internships for you, you have to do your own research and preparation. The office of Experiential Education & Career Management (EECM) offers mock interviews, resume reviews, and job boards so that you have the tools to land the perfect internship suited to your career goals.

My goal was to find an internship as fast as possible. I attended the career fair and was successfully able to land an internship before leaving. Fashion is a competitive industry, even when applying to internships. When interviewing for the role, make sure to be yourself and impress them. There are some great sites to utilize while on the search for an internship. The two that I found most success with were: and I have also recommended friends to my bosses and they worked the internship after me. It really is true that connections are everything in this industry!

If you have a friend who has previously interned with a company you are interested in, ask if they can put in a good word for you or ask their supervisor if they are hiring students for internships. You never know, they might say yes! The best advice I can give is to never give up, keep applying, keep tweaking your resume, and have a thick skin. Always try to end the interview or meeting by asking for their contact information so that you can always stay connected.

Good luck!