Learning about a "Gem" of a Company

LIM's Introduction to the Fashion Business class recently heard a presentation from Suzanne Miglucci, President and CEO of Charles and Colvard, a jewelry company providing ethically sourced stones. Here, a freshman in the class writes about her impressions and takeaways.

Charles and Covard

On Wednesday, September 19, 2019, my Introduction to the Fashion Business class attended Suzanne Miglucci’s presentation about her jewelry company: Charles and Colvard. The presentation took place at LIM College’s Townhouse and focused on the company’s moissanite gemstone collection. Charles and Colvard is paving the way for the jewelry industry by introducing sustainable techniques. Our class attended the presentation to acquire more knowledge about sustainability and the role it plays in jewelry. I was very excited to sit in on this presentation. I’ve always been very interested in sustainability, and I’ve considered minoring in it here at LIM.

Charles and Colvard was established in 1995 and has grown to become a global jewelry company providing ethically sourced stones for both women and men. Ms. Miglucci is President and CEO of Charles and Colvard, and she acquired this position in 2015. It was inspiring to hear that she started as a marketer for the company and worked her way to the top.

Charles and Covard

Moissanite is an incredibly rare mineral made up of silicon carbide. It was discovered by French chemist Dr. Henri Moissan, while he was studying a meteorite crater. I was astonished when I heard that silicon carbide comes from the stars and is found broken up on the surface of the earth. The process of how the gemstone is created fascinated me most; the lab created an ethically sourced stone at a revolutionary value. The crystals are grown in controlled environments that meet the highest environmental standards. When physically forced together, it creates a triple bond, making it the second-strongest gemstone in the world.

The company’s mission statement is to make luxury both beautiful and conscientious. Charles and Colvard wants to provide clients with quality while helping them understand the price point—moissanite is very affordable compared to other gemstones. Ms. Miglucci also mentioned that the company conducts focus groups to understand what customers want. The company is continually perfecting and innovating its jewelry to target the needs of the customer and the environment. I really admire this in a company because it makes me, as a customer, feel valued.

I’ve always believed that when I’m proposed to, it will be with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. However, after this presentation and learning and understanding the properties of the moissanite gem, I want this to be the ring on my finger.

Photo credit: charlesandcolvard.com