LIM & ABG Launch “Fashion Forward” Program for Spring 2021

On February 4th, LIM’s Office of Career Internship Services (CIS) kicked off the Spring 2021 Fashion Forward program in partnership with Authentic Brands Group (ABG).


Students were provided with a rundown of the semester-long project they will be working on and which will involve focusing on an ABG brand. The students have exclusive access to ABG’s resource center as well as a brand book, and their projects will be to develop a new partnership for their assigned ABG brand. If the ABG judges and brand reps especially like a given group’s concept and pitch, they will apply them real-world.

Nick Woodhouse, ABG’s President & Chief Marketing Officer recorded a video of tips and tricks for the students, including the importance of collaboration, creativity, and planning while being open to pivoting ideas.

Haley Steinberg and Mapem Lanigan shared information about ABG and got students excited to work on their projects. Steinberg, an LIM alumna, is VP of Public Relations and Network Communications at ABG; she handles licensing and brand partnerships. Lanigan is a PR & Corporate Communications Coordinator who started as an intern with ABG in 2018 and now manages the company’s streetwear brands. Both shared their experiences at ABG and briefed the students on what ABG is about and how to approach their projects.

The students have now embarked on their Fashion Forward journey, and I can’t wait to see what concepts they come up with when they pitch these during the Fashion Forward LIVE event at the end of the semester. A huge thank you to the ABG team for sharing their resources with LIM’s students to provide them with a virtual real-life experience that is immersed in project-based learning and business innovation.