LIM FEF People in the Know: Dave Heath, CEO of Bombas

On Wednesday May 12, the LIM Fashion Education Foundation hosted the third event in the “People In the Know” virtual series with Dave Heath, founder & CEO of Bombas and Ernst & Young’s 2017 Entrepreneur of the year.

David Heath Flyer

Dave told his story as an entrepreneur and shared ways to help out the community through Bombas’ interesting business model.

Dave described himself as a “natural born entrepreneur.” He said, “Anything I could do to hustle for a buck, I would do it.” Dave said he always valued hard work, which he learned from his father who was also an entrepreneur. Dave explained that having an entrepreneurial mindset is not only about asking questions but using creativity and innovation to come up with solutions.

Dave launched Bombas in 2013 as a way to not only provide customers with comfy socks but to provide socks to those in need, like the homeless. Having a clear mission in mind and partnering with charities and nonprofits drew in consumers, and as Dave said, “It changed the way people think about socks.”

“To build an enduring brand it takes time,” Dave said. Alongside having a mission, it’s all about teamwork. A team of people that respect each other and work hard to achieve the company’s goals allows a company to grow. Since its launch, his brand has grown in popularity, allowing the company to expand its outreach and products. Bombas is now selling T-shirts and underwear and has donated over 40 million items the homeless. They are also working on a 10-year sustainability plan that involves recycling methods, carbon footprint reduction, and more.

Dave closed out the conversation by answering students’ questions and giving some great advice. For example: Living to work, not working to live will make you happier in the end. I thought that was great advice and it encouraged me to focus on what I am most passionate about and transform it into a career, which is what LIM is all about.