The Male Experience in Fashion and at LIM College

A lot of the time, men in the fashion industry get put in their own “male category”—but this isn’t a bad thing. In my experience, men in our industry are like a brotherhood, and we actually do a lot of helpful networking within our group. The most important thing is determining your interests within the business and not letting who you are deter you from your dreams.


Coming to LIM was an adjustment from high school. I played football for four years and track-and-field for three. By the end of my first semester here, I found other activities to be involved in. I joined the Philanthropy Club and the Fashion Show Production Club—I was also an Orientation Leader and a First Year Experience (FYE) Student Mentor. My involvement in the LIM community helped me to grow my network, and I built lasting relationships that will help my career. Student Life cultivates personal development among the student body.

It’s true that the fashion industry is predominantly female, but I notice that the male sector is ever-growing. While much of what you learn in LIM classrooms revolves around the female sector, there are always opportunities to focus your studies and internships on your specific interests, and the staff at LIM really supports students in doing this.


For example, I am a sports fanatic, and I also love the arts and fashion. So, my interest is in footwear and sportswear, topics that my LIM professors have always encouraged me to research. I’ve also tailored my internships toward these areas. I have worked at Kenneth Cole Production as a Men’s Footwear Production intern. I also interned at Liberty Fairs, which is a contemporary male fashion trade show.

Gender aside, the career tips you learn here at LIM will help anyone grow. Also, your gender doesn’t have an effect on the talent you possess in this business. No matter what gender you identify as, you create your own experience. Make it the way you want it to be.