My Experience as a Fashion Scholar

Back when I was applying to LIM, I didn’t know of the Fashion Scholars program. It wasn’t until after I had already committed to LIM that I received a phone call requesting my updated transcripts and was ultimately selected to join the program.


Throughout high school, I was an honors and AP student. I was busy because marching band and color guard took up most of my free time; however, I was certain LIM was the place for me. I completed the Summer Fashion Lab in 2015 and fell in love with everything the college would offer for my education. I felt honored (pun intended) to be selected for the Fashion Scholars program. Sure, I was committing to advanced courses, but I wasn’t afraid—I was determined.

The program has many special aspects. To start, each cohort is assigned an academic advisor. My advisor does more than just scheduling classes. It's obvious that she really wishes for me to succeed. She's always there to connect students with Fashion Scholar alumni for networking or internship opportunities. Cohorts are also assigned career advisors during the internship process. I did not expect to have personal guidance like this in college, and I really appreciate my advisors.


Like any honors program, the included students must complete accelerated courses. LIM classes are already small, but in the Fashion Scholars program, it’s even smaller. There are 13 students in my cohort. This allows for a close relationship with professors and more one-on-one time. I have completed courses like Honors Retailing, Business Calculus I & II, Honors Accounting and Honors Applied Concepts in Fashion Merchandising. In these courses, we have more rigorous assignments and exams. Final projects often go deeper into applying the academic material to real-life events.

Another option within the Fashion Scholars program is having a mentor. Spring semester of my sophomore year, I was paired with my industry mentor. She is someone outside the College I can turn to for career advice. This was valuable while completing my first corporate internship. Having an experienced person there to answer my questions or address my crazy concerns was very comforting. Our relationship will continue until I graduate, which will benefit me when I begin my Senior Co-op.

These privileges of the Fashion Scholars program truly motivate me to pursue my career. Would I still be attending LIM if I had not been selected for the program? Absolutely. I know LIM is where I belong to achieve my goals within the fashion business industry. Having support from professors, alumni, mentors and my fellow cohort members is the environment I need to thrive. Not least, being in the Fashion Scholars program enhances my career opportunities because it keeps me on my A-game.