Julianna near train tracks


My Internship With Serenity

Julianna near train tracks

My name is Julianna Fusco, and I’ll be a second semester senior at LIM College this Fall, 2020. I am a Fashion Merchandising major, minoring in Beauty and Global Studies. Attending LIM has been an absolute dream. I can confidently say this school has well prepared me with the necessary skills I need for a successful career after graduation.


Before I set out on my intimidating Senior Co-op journey, I thought a summer internship would be a good idea, since I had nothing else planned except a local waitressing job in my hometown. I thought something in social media would be fun, and also a great experience to have on my resume. I came across a social media intern position on Symplicity—LIM’s career platform—for an online boutique called My Serenity, and submitted my resume. No more than five minutes later, I got an email from Chrissy (the owner of the business and a LIM alumna!) asking if I was available for a call at that moment. We jumped on the phone, and I immediately got excited, as Chrissy told me about her dream and her passions and how she wants her brand to portray the idea of healthy living and sustainability.

Chrissy and I share a passion for sustainability and how important it is in our industry. We believe responsibly created products are essential in creating a better environment for the future, as well as raising awareness of its importance to others. Hearing Chrissy talk about her dream made me want to be part of her team and help her achieve her goals.

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On June 1, I got straight to work in coming up with content ideas and inspiration to enhance the social media presence of My Serenity. In the weeks I have worked with Chrissy, I have learned so much about small businesses and how they operate. I have also learned that communicating with customers is a vital part of any business—keeping in touch or sending a simple reply can be a deciding factor in a “follow back” on Instagram. Customers love to have an experience when they shop both online and in-store and like to be engaged when they are looking for products. In addition, I learned that natural products are the future of the marketplace. Not only in beauty but self-care as a whole. Not only are they better for the environment, helping to reduce waste across the board, they are also so much healthier for our bodies and minds!

Working at My Serenity, I have grown in the work I produce and learned so much from Chrissy. I have had so much fun being part of the My Serenity team. Interning with smaller brands and companies really gives you a first-hand experience and allows your ideas to be heard and put into action. It has been amazing working for an alumna of LIM because it made me realize that one day I can be as successful as Chrissy and her brand.