My Selection as a Women@Dior 2021 Mentee

It is an absolute honor to share here that I was recently selected as a mentee for the Leadership and Sustainability Program at Christian Dior Couture! I’m one of a few hundred mentees of the program’s Americas-based cohort.

Arianna Dior

Women@Dior is an international mentorship and education program rooted in women’s empowerment and educating tomorrow’s leaders through four core values: autonomy, inclusion, creativity, and sustainability. During this yearlong program, these core values are first taught at the Dream for Change Global E-Conference, and then put into practice through a project—“Dream for Change”— that supports the empowerment of young girls. I will be paired with a mentor from Christian Dior Couture, who will guide me through the first steps of my career and help build up my professional experience and network while supporting local associations.

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After tirelessly searching and applying to various jobs and internships, my acceptance into this program comes as a beacon of light. I’m optimistic that I’m on the right track to fulfilling my career goals in luxury fashion media and publishing. One day, I hope to work in a global leadership role on the Communication and Media team at Christian Dior Couture in Paris and contribute written work to fashion magazines such as L’Officiel and Harper’s Bazaar.

But regardless of my career path in fashion, I hope to be an uplifting voice for others. I know that whatever I choose to pursue, the core values taught through the Women@Dior program will be at the center of it. I take pride in this selection because I applied for this opportunity independently through a general application on the Dior website. My acceptance was based upon my talent, ambition, and generosity—three values the Talent Development team at Dior looks for. To me, this proves that years of hard work and actively searching for the right opportunity eventually pays off.

While I applied to this program independently, I must say that my decision to transfer to LIM from Ravensbourne University London to enroll as a Fashion Media major played a big part in setting me up for this success. The courses I took this past year not only gave me a firm foundation and thorough understanding of the fashion industry, but challenged me to produce work I can be proud of. My professors helped me find my voice as an aspiring fashion editor by building my confidence in talking about worldly topics in relation to fashion and the world we live in. I find that having a business foundation in a communications-focused field gives me an edge when applying for opportunities such as this.

Again, I’m beyond excited by this incredible opportunity to connect with ambitious women from all over the world and learn from top industry leaders. I’m looking forward to all that’s to come from being a part of this mentorship program.

Arianna at Dior


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